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CHICAGO PNEUMATIC Rotary Screw Air Compressors

Rotary screw compressors are for tasks that require smooth & constant air flow. Here at 3C Industrial, we provide you with a variety of belt & gear driven products so that you can find the perfect machine to fulfill your needs.

Fixed Speed

QRS 3-20

The QRS has been crafted for dependable high-quality performance, efficiency, & reliability. We highly recommend this model for light industrial applications, such as a maintenance, paint, or tire shop.

QRS 20-30

Designed to reliably perform through rugged environments & tasks. Withstanding ambient temperatures of up to 115F, the QRS 20-30 is the elite choice for stealth & high-quality performance. 

CPBg 20-34

The CPBg 20-34 range is the latest standard for quiet operation, without compromising efficiency, dependability, & life-time duration. This model encourages ease of use with options to customize your CPBq. 

CPBg 35-50

This range offers lower starting voltage for low operating cost, as well as maintenance costs. This machine allows for the operator to experience ease of use and the Chicago innovative touch thanks to its gear driven capabilities.

CPD 75-100

The new 75-100 hp range is compact, requires very low maintenance, comes with fixed speed control, & can be purchased with or without a dryer. This model is admired for its seamless, gear driven, oil-injected screw compressors. 

CPE/CPF 100-340

Gearbox driven fixed speed compressor. Crafted to produce the highest up time, requiring minimal operating costs, meanwhile ensuring easy operation.

Variable Speed

CPVSd 10-20

The CPVSd series, is made to fulfill any industrial rotary air compressor needs with ultimate efficiency that sets a new standard in the industry.

CPVSD 21-34

The CPVSd series,is dedicated to variable speed applications, energy savings, low life cycle costs, and high flexibility.

CPVS 60-95 PM Series

Designed with the customer in mind to be energy efficient. This series includes maintenance-free parts for low lifetime costs and includes a smart controller.

CPVS 40-250

Using artificial intelligence, the CPVS series grants you big energy savings by adjusting and aligning air pressure based on demand.