Rotary Screw Air Compressors - Chicago Pneumatic

CPVS 60-95 HP

Designed with the customer in mind to be energy efficient, include maintenance-free parts for low lifetime costs, and includes a smart controller.


The increased reliability of parts that require zero maintenance significantly adds to the lifetime value of this fine piece of machinery. This series offers variable speed, manages to align air demand with air supply for up to 45% energy savings, and is designed with an oil-injected iPM motor technology, all together providing you with substantial financial savings. 

Standard Features:

  • Low sound enclosure, as quiet as 68 dB with optional silencing baffle
  • Direct drive transmission for energy savings and reduced maintenance cost
  • 73-182 psig pressure range
  • 20-100% turndown capacity
  • ES4000 Standard controller
  • 460V standard
  • IP55 TEFC High Frequency Motors designed for variable speed use
  • Heavy duty, 2-stage pre-filtration
  • Shipped with synthetic oil
  • Easily accessible integrated inverter drives
  • Stable pressure due to Variable Speed drive
  • ECOntrol 6i capable
  • ICONS capable