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Air Compressor Price, Broken Down

Understanding the reasoning behind initial air compressor price is key to an ultimately cost-conscious decision. 

Did you know that it can take nearly 10 horsepower worth of electrical energy to produce even 1 horsepower of compressed air energy? This may cause some initial hesitation, however the benefits of using industrial air compressors is still tenfold. The point is to produce energy as efficiently and inexpensively as possible.  

The requirements for producing clean, dry, stable compressed air can be exorbitant. However, energy costs much more than the price of a compressor. Purchasing the right equipment to deliver energy saves the consumer more money.

Situations That Compromise Air Compressor Price

Be aware of situations that may compromise reliable compressed air:

Leaks – When air under pressure makes its way to areas of lower pressure, any available opening large enough for molecules to pass will quickly be considered a leak. Aging, rusting, or disconnected units are extremely susceptible. These instances can occur without your knowledge, they require careful attention and examination. 

Artificial DemandThis wasted effort stems from a difference with an increase in inlet and discharge pressure. When an air compressor operates at a higher pressure than typical to function – artificial demand occurs. As a means of combating this, when the system works at a low pressure then wasteful demand can be kept at a minimum.

Inappropriate Usage – It can happen when converting an excessive amount of compressed air to energy as a source of power. Sometimes cleaning tasks such as blowing air beneath the system to eliminate debris surrounding machinery can cause this.

Routine Maintenance Helps Air Compressor Price

Wasting compressed air can result in larger utility bills; do your best to avoid it. Performing routine assessments and keeping up with maintenance can help eliminate the hiccup. Be sure to schedule preventive maintenance and corrective maintenance regularly to avoid unnecessary costs.

Educate yourself about the advantage of compressed air solutions and learn more about all the economic advantages of compressed air

This article was based on findings from CAGI, their information is listed here.

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