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Air Compressor Experts Talk Advantages

Air Compressor Experts Discuss "Why?"

There are many reasons why compressed air can be a useful source of power, however there are four main debates when it comes to utility preference. Depending on your necessary application or process, compressed air can be the choice energy to improve efficiency and productivity. It is important to understand its advantages and how to best work with this method effectively.

Air Compressor Experts Break Advantages Down


Fossil fuels are quickly diminishing, and particularly crude assets are not only difficult to come by – but extremely harmful to the environment. One of the major appeals of compressed air is its availability; atmospheric air is readily available everywhere, adaptable, and transportable. Depending on your needs, it can be compressed to low or high pressures as a source of stored energy which can power a variety of processes.


Because of its versatility, compressed air is  called the fourth utility – alongside air and gas. Storage is simple, and can be helpful where other power is unavailable or impractical. Their tanks can withstand intense temperatures and dirty conditions , as well.

Cost Concious

Compressed air is a monetary conscious solution. Rather than sourcing energy from off-site, this utility of sorts can be generated right where it is needed – which makes it dependable and saves on transport costs. Usage metrics and maintenance are all completed on hand.


Safety tends to be a company’s number one hesitation. Compressed air is the easy answer to this concern. Unlike other power discharges, leaks are never hazardous. It is safe to use in any environment – whether wet, explosive, or combustible. The cleanliness is unmatched, which appeals to businesses interested in quality and hygiene. These tools are lighter and cooler options, which additionally makes it even easier and therefore safer to operate.

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Broadening your knowledge of compressed air is important when deciding if it is right for your company or conducting use in everyday practice. See our product list in order to find the best fit, and do not hesitate to reach out to your air compressor experts here at 3C Industrial with any questions.

This article was based on findings from CAGI, their information is listed here.

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