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Industries that Use Air Compressors Everyday

different colored air compressors

Dozens of industries have saved time and labor by using air compressors and have become reliant on them over the years. The applications of air compressors are nearly endless. For instance, the food you eat, the painkillers you take,  the car you drive, and heck, even the chair you’re sitting on right now all have been touched by compressed air in one way or another. Compressed air plays an important part in modern society by increasing productivity, precision, and speed in a broad range of industries. 

So, Which Industries Use Air Compressors?

Each industry has different standards, requirements, and levels of demand. Businesses in some industries need several air compressors connected to one another to fully work. Other industries can get the job done with one compressor. Due to this variation, the experts behind the creation of compressors have fine-tuned the applications to fit each industry best. Among the industries that use compressed air are:

  • Automotive industry
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • The Food and Beverage industry
  • The Agricultural industry
  • The Manufacturing industry

Each industry has unique applications for its air compressors. As a result, industries tend to use specific models with various advantages. Discover the different air compressor model preferences per industry with us.

The Automotive Industry

From assembly to painting to quality control, air compressors work alongside people at every step of automotive production. Compressed air has made vehicle assembly and maintenance less physically demanding and less time-consuming. Tasks that would have taken hours at one point, now only take a few seconds at best. As a result, automotive factories are efficient, and vehicle projects are more accessible. Compressed air is useful for powering the pneumatic tools necessary for vehicle construction and repair.

For the automotive industry, the best compressor option is a rotary screw compressor. These compressors offer continuous airflow with little downtime. They’re easy to maintain, with fewer parts than other compressors. They produce less heat and operate at high horsepower, even in extreme temperature environments. They’re ideal for automotive factories full of heat-producing machinery or garages without temperature control.

The Pharmaceutical Industry

In the pharmaceutical industry, precision and cleanliness are at the top of the list. For the most reliable and accurate results, pharmaceutical companies rely on air compressors to do the best job. In fact, compressed air is most likely involved in creating almost every medicinal tablet you have in your medicine cabinet. Laboratory professionals use pneumatic tools to portion ingredients exactly to their formulas. The hardening and coating of medicines also require compressed air. Even the packaging of medicines is molded and labeled with the help of compressed air.

The most popular air compressors in pharmaceuticals are oil-free compressors. An oil-free compressor provides the most sterile air possible. Pharmaceutical companies use oil-free compressors because even the tiniest amount of oil can compromise the air in a sterile industry.

The Food and Beverage Industry 

Food and beverage production requires sanitary compressed air that’s free of impurities. Air compressors help speed the process of food production and limit the amount of waste. Compressed air also helps with:

  • Moving products along assembly lines
  • Peels and cuts products
  • Inserts fillings into foods 
  • Cools products quickly for fast processing
  • Freezing products to eliminate bacterial concerns
  • Packaging products with uniformity.
  • Blows away crumbs to avoid cross-contamination

Using compressed air allows food and beverage factories to generate more products more quickly, more easily, and with improved uniformity. For the food and beverage industry, we recommend a rotary screw compressor

The Agricultural Industry 

The days of animal-drawn equipment and hand-sown crops are long gone. Now, most farmers use automated and efficient processes. Modern technology has increased production in the agricultural industry tenfold. The faster and more efficient tactics benefit all of humanity by lowering food costs and increasing food availability. On farms across the world, compressed air helps:

  • Irrigates
  • Spray crop seeds
  • Operates dairy machines
  • Inflates tractor tires 
  • Ventilates greenhouses

This is a tough industry, so you need an equally tough compressor. Unexpected downtime and emergency maintenance can hinder production or damage great quantities of food. A 5 – 15 horsepower cast iron industrial air compressor is the way to go. 

The Manufacturing Industry

Air compression is a necessity in the manufacturing industry. Factories all over the world, and in Texas, rely on compressed air as much as they rely on water and electricity. Pneumatic tools make every step of the manufacturing process faster and easier. Compressed air is useful for precise, powerful, and efficient stamping, mixing, injecting, clamping, cleaning, separating, and many other processes.

Different types of compressors perform these functions best. Manufacturers generally use either rotary screw compressors or reciprocating piston compressors, depending on the manufacturing needs.  

Air Compressors Help A Variety of Industries

Compressed air is an important part of modern society with its increase in productivity, precision, and speed in a broad range of industries. It can strengthen power tools to make construction easier. It can portion ingredients with perfect, dependable accuracy. And it can increase the speed at which products move along assembly lines. Compressed air is an important tool for both mass production and do-it-yourself projects. If you’re in the market for an air compressor for your industry, contact 3C Industry today so we can get you on the right track to proficient production!