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Economic Advantages of the Industrial Air Compressor

Interested in learning about industrial air compressor sustainability? Sustainability is a hot topic of conversation lately. In fact, the Compressed Air & Gas Institute notes three of the top benefits for compressed air: energy, environment, and cost. When most people think of industrial air compressors, sustainability is not what first comes to mind. However the two are inherently connected and benefit both the world and consumer.

Benefits to Energy

Design and maintenance are key factors when it comes to wasted energy; consumers are paying too much. Here at 3C Industrial, we stand behind our partnership with FS Curtis to provide top notch industrial air compressors for our clients. Quality products eliminate unnecessary utility costs (which cost billions of dollars every year). Routine maintenance – whether preventative or recovery – also plays a role and is just as important as the product itself. Be sure you are paying attention to the upkeep of your unit.

Why does this matter? Most air compressor systems are wasting up to 50% of their maximum energy to meet demand. Variable Speed Drive changes output based on need. Being able to customize eliminates waste.

Benefits to Environment

CAGI says it best, “compressed air shouldn’t cost the earth”. New industrial air compressor technology increases overall efficiency, which helps reduce waste. These adjustments ultimately save costs all around. 3C is committed to keeping inventory in line with the most advanced compressed air technology.

Benefits to Your Pocket

Saving energy means saving dollars. Low operating cost leaves a smaller carbon footprint. Upkeep and routine services are essential for maintaining clean air, because when leaks occur companies lose thousands. Locating the issue quickly and resolving it efficiently results in significant savings. Today’s energy costs are outrageous, stay educated about ways to reduce costs.

Our team is always happy to answer any questions you may have. As a leader in industrial air solutions and elevated service, let us help start your business’ journey towards greener alternatives. Contact us today!