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ConservAIR Flow Control - Pneumatech


This air flow control system uses multiple parallel configurations to produce controlled, low pressure compressed air throughout all application.


The S Series monitors air pressure to maintain clean, stable, & consistent air flow to your application. The use of the S Series minimizes usage of air production to the reduced limit of only what is necessary throughout the entire production facility.

Standard Features:

  • Adjusts to system changes instantaneously due to the multi-parallel design
  • Eliminates compressed air related work stoppages and production interruptions
  • Allows compressors to accelerate and catch up
  • Enhances the compressor network performance
  • Holds system pressure to +/- 1 psig throughout system
  • Maximizes profits from productivity gains
  • Maximizes the advantage of the available part load performance efficiency
  • Stabilizes the compressed air system
  • Prevents unacceptable pressure degradation when an operating compressor fails
  • Ensures the reliability of air supply
  • Eliminates air related complaints Allows you to bank and trade carbon credits