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PNEUMATECH Desiccant Dryers

Give your compressed air the humidity protection it deserves by adding a desiccant dryer. The use of desiccant material will remove humidity from the air after it is compressed, meaning protection against moisture damage downstream in your air system. This will ultimately elongate the lifetime & efficiency of your equipment. We highly recommend a desiccant dryer when environmental temperatures reach below freezing and in Instrument Quality Air applications.

Externally Heated

The externally heated desiccant dryers provide energy saving capabilities to perform quality services for any applications.

Blower Purge

Pneumatech’s blower purge dryers, through their superior performance & exceptional durability, add value to your operations by conserving compressed air directly from their drying power capabilities.

Welded Heatless

Through high-quality components, the PH dryers utilize compressed air to remove moisture from your products, resulting in extended lives & greater performance.