Desiccant Dryers - Pneumatech

PB Series Externally Heated Desiccant Dryers

Pneumatech’s blower purge dryers, through their superior performance & exceptional durability, add value to your operations by conserving compressed air directly from their drying power capabilities.


For over 50 years, Pneumatech has been leading the regenerative dryer market. With their new innovative design, this range of dryers is characterized by their compact design, improved controls, low pressure drop, and, of course, reliable quality. 

Standard Features:

  • Advanced Purelogic™ controller with full communication possibilities
  • Dew point dependent tower switching with no loss in energy during saturation process (optional DPD Package)
  • Lifting eyes and forklift slots for easy installation
  • Remote alarm for status information from a distance
  • Two layers of silica gel with water resistant silica on the bottom
  • Low watt density heater which results in energy savings
  • Low kW centrifugal heater for reduced power consumption
  • Removable stainless steel screens that can be easily removed
  • Butterfly switching valves with stainless steel disc for better efficiency
  • Oversized silencers with relief valves for lower noise level
  • Pressure relief safety valves to comply with strict safety standards