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FS CURTIS Reciprocating Air Compressors

Reciprocating air compressors are the solution for environments that fluctuate in demand. We offer units with pressure lubricated configurations, splash configurations, & a wide range beginning with light- use at .75HP, up to heavy duty units for industrial use at 125HP. 

ML Series 5-30HP

The Masterline series offers durability, versatility, & a large range of configurations. This line was specially crafted to serve all your air compressor needs.

CA Series 5-15HP


Specially crafted with hand-picked components that demonstrate top of the line precision, performance, & long-term durability in real-world conditions. 

CT Series 5-10HP

The CT Series exemplifies simple industrial standards & designs paired with our performance & dependability assurance.

CTS Series 5-15HP

Designed for tasks such as automotive & restoration repair, the CTS Series is equipped with Single Stage technology & is easily portable.

CW Series 40-125HP


Designed to continuously perform & outlast, the CW Series is built with cast-iron parts to make the most of its lifetime, meanwhile keeping your maintenance costs low. Offering single & two-stage air compression, the CW Series can complete even the most demanding tasks with ease.

OL Series 5-15HP

The OL Series is a 100% oil-less compressor that is specially designed for tasks that prohibit any oil-vapor carry over. This model leaves you with the highest air quality possible which is why we recommend it for industries such as food & beverage, pharmaceutical, medical, electronics, & much more.