Reciprocating Air Compressors - FSCurtis

ML Series 5-30HP

The Masterline series offers durability, versatility, & a large range of configurations. This line was specially crafted to serve all your air compressor needs.


A remarkable line of robust, high-duty air compressors designed to be long-lasting, reliable, affordable, & smart. This model is a superb replacement to small rotary compressors & splash-lubricated reciprocating compressors.  Built tough with the utmost quality components & efficient design.


Standard Features: 

  • 100% CAST-IRON CYLINDER HEADS, CONNECTING RODS, & CRANKSHAFT: comprised of rugged parts ideal for industrial performance, these rods are extremely strong & resistant to break. Similarly, their slow-turning pump increases pump life overall. 
  • CENTRO-RING PRESSURE LUBRICATION: An FS Curtis exclusive feature, these compressors internally supply pressurized oil that results in maximum uptime & increased life. 
  • QUALITY COMPONENTS: Being an industry-leading stainless-steel valve, components result in increased airflow & reliability overall. Additionally, 
    • Premium finned intercooler maximizes heat dissipation
    • Metal intake filter/silencer is superior to plastic
    • Suction valve head unloaders for continuous running air compressors
    • Heavy-duty stamped-steel belt guard