CHICAGO PNEUMATIC Refrigerated Air Dryers

Refrigerated dryers are the most commonly used types of dryers added to air compressors. They are simply in design, require little maintenance, and are relatively inexpensive. Give your air compressors the quality extended life you both deserve by taking appropriate measures to remove condensation that will cause corrosion & ultimately, the premature demised of your equipment. Add a refrigerated dryer to your system to elongate the life of your air compressor & minimize the lifetime costs of maintenance. 

CPX & CPXHT Series

With their compact design, CPXHT dryers are extremely easy to install & maintain. Featuring a moisture separator, electronic water drain, & refrigerated air dryer, these 115 volt dryers are the way to go.

COOL Series

COOL 15-275 refrigerated dryers have the goal of avoiding humidity damage that can result from the compression process. By removing condensate, they deliver dry compressed air to keep your equipment running.