Refrigerated Dryers - Chicago Pneumatic

CPX & CPXHT Series

With their compact design, CPXHT dryers are extremely easy to install & maintain. Featuring a moisture separator, electronic water drain & refrigerated air dryer, these 115 volt dryers are the way to go.


Extremely quiet & reliable, CPX dryers are able to excel in any application. With the main goal of treating compressed air, the dryers result in water vapor to condense & discharge before it enters any distribution systems. Ranging from 12 to 2966 cfm, there is a CPX dryer that is the right fit for your business. 

Standard Features:

  • Equipped with stainless steel/copper heat exchanger
  • Eliminates water, oil & dirt from air systems
  • Prevents damage to tools & cylinders, adding to their longevity
  • Fewer finished product defects
  • Prevents “fisheye” paint splotches
  • Reduces operational downtime
  • Increases profitability & productivity
  • Eliminates air line purging
  • Compact design for small footprint
  • Quality components for efficient cooling
  • Internal layout & enclosure allow for quiet operation