CHAMPION Rotary Screw Air Compressors

Champion air compressors are offered in single stage or multi stage, & designed to meet a variety of demands, ranging from home use to plant air service. Durability, performance, low-lifetime costs are at the forefront of all our machines.

Oil Lubricated Rotary Screw Compressors


The L-Series provides ease of use with a modern sleek design, meanwhile offering the dependable superior performance of Champion.


Champion’s LRS Series variable speed compressors can efficiently & reliably handle varying air demand. The right variable speed compressor paired with the right application delivers significant energy savings.

D-Series 5-10HP

Champion’s D Series line of fixed speed compressors are compact, heavy-duty air compressors ideal for continuous-use applications where constant compressed air demand is required.


If your tasks demand airstream pressure fluctuations & you desire energy efficiency, the DRS Series provides a great range of variable speed to best meet your needs. Built with energy efficient inverter drives & motor combinations.


This Series provides the highest quality of reliability & flexibility, thanks to the fixed speed rotary vane it features. Designed with minimal moving parts, slow speed direct drive, & Oil-lubricated single-stage rotary vane technology this machine is recognized worldwide for having the smallest footprint in the industry.


The HR Series pairs Oil-lubricated single-stage rotary vane technology, few moving parts, slow speed direct drive operation, simple construction, & grouped service components to give you ultimate energy efficiency & low life-time costs.


The Hydrovance HRRS Series displays modern construction in its minimal moving parts design by grouping service components together. This grouping allows for the HRRS to experience no power loss through belts/gears, meaning ultimate energy efficiency & less chance for component failure, making the HRRS a minimum maintenance machine.


The LV/LVR Series offers ultimate reliability & flexibility with its fixed rotary vane compressor line design. This series is also recognized globally for its extreme efficiency, marking the smallest footprint in the industry. We recommend this model for automobile, car body shops, wood working, & packaging, amongst others.

Oil Free Rotary Scroll Compressors

CA-Series 3-10HP

The CA series meets CSA Standards, is NFPA 99 Code Compliant, & offered in multiple flow options. This model is single stage, fixed speed, & completely oil-less.

CA-Series ES 5-20HP

The CA Series ES range are completely oil-less, single stage, fixed speed, pumps range from 5-10 HP, & are insulated to minimize sound. We recommend this model for industrial, laboratory, & a variety of clean air applications.