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Rotary Screw Air Compressors - Champion

D-Series 5-100HP

Featuring a compact design, the Champion D-Series performs everyday, heavy duty tasks that requires constant, consistent air pressure at a fixed speed.


The line of Champion D-Series fixed speed compressors are known to be compact, yet heavy-duty compressors great for applications in which constant air demand is required.These compressors feature innovative components that make them quiet, yet extremely serviceable & efficient. Their compact design is equipped with easy to use, smart control solutions that manage, monitor & maintain parameters that focus on performing reliable operation to generate the best results possible. 

Standard Features: 

  • CSC15 Controller (D5) characterized by including an hour meter with power & fault indicator lights.
  • CSC50 Controller (D6-D7.5) monitors, enables, & indicates various functions of the compressor.
  • CSC300 Controller (D10-D100) manages, monitors & maintains optimal operational parameters to ensure stable system pressure & reliable operation.
  • Air System Solution- (D5-D30) features a rotary screw compressor, dry tank air receiver, refrigerated air dryer &  1 micron pre-filter, two separate electrical connections, pressure gauge, tank drain & controller.
  • Integrated Oil &  Air Cooler contributes to the production of low discharge air temperatures, which reduces energy consumption, promotes system reliability & extends air-receiver life.