3C Loves our Veterans

Veteran shaking hands with employer

3C is proud to be a Veteran owned and operated company. We are honored to be a place of employment for other retired military men and women alike. In honor of Veterans Day, we are featuring a few of our Veterans on the 3C team.  

Meet Chase Stokley

From 2013 – 2017, Chase served in the United States Navy. Chase lived in Corpus Christi, Texas his entire life. Shortly after graduating high school in 2013, he jump-started his military life by going to boot camp in Great Lakes, Illinois. During his career in the Navy, he became a certified AWR (Air Rescue Swimmer) and EM (Electrician’s Mate). Once he completed training, he finished out his Naval career as a reservist in his hometown of Corpus Christi.

Chase says that life after the Navy has been great! After retiring, he decided to expand his knowledge and career with more schooling outside of the Navy as an electrician. With the support of his family, he advanced through the ranks of his career very quickly. Chase was a Controls Engineer looking for a job locally when he stumbled upon a career change at 3C Industrial. Once he joined the 3C crew, he rapidly became devoted to the company. 

“I’m proud to say that everyone here is not just a friend or a co-worker, but family. Working side by side with Doug has been amazing. Seeing how much he believes in this team encourages me to do my best and push myself.” – Chase Stokley

Meet Ryan Oldfield

Ryan served in the Navy from 2013 – 2019. Out of his 6 years in the service, 2 years were dedicated to training in Goose Creek, SC, and Ballston Spa, NY to be a Nuclear Machinist’s Mate. Once he graduated from training, Ryan received orders for the John C. Stennis CVN74, an aircraft carrier stationed in Bremerton, WA. Ryan took several years to reach his senior in rate, qualifying 8 watch stations and performing hundreds of hours of maintenance in the propulsion plant onboard the Stennis. During his time in the Navy, he was deployed twice and visited many different countries. His favorite place he visited was Singapore and would love to go back one day. 

Ryan completed his Navy duties with an honorable discharge at the beginning of 2019. After the Navy, he moved down to Texas rather than back home to Colorado because he loves it here. Ryan isn’t new to 3C anymore, but he still enjoys being a sponge and learning all that he can.

“ I plan to develop into a great knowledgeable technician that my coworkers and our 3C customers can rely on. All in all, I want to grow as this company grows. I was grateful for the opportunity to serve my country and I am grateful to now be a part of the veteran-owned and operated company, 3C Industrial.” – Ryan Oldfield

Meet Doug Francis

Doug served in the Navy from 2002 – 2006. During his time in service, he was stationed in Great Lakes, IL for both Boot Camp and Electrician A school. After training, he took permanent orders to Ingleside, TX. While serving, he earned his qualifications as an Enlisted Surface Warfare Specialist. He was also honored with the Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medal, Combat Action Ribbon, and served during Operation Enduring Freedom / Operation Iraqi Freedom. Some of the Navy experiences he treasures most include becoming a Shellback (sailing across the equator) and being a Plankowner while commissioning the HSV-2 Swift in Hobart, Tasmania. With those past jobs, he has experienced great things across the world. To name a few, he has sailed through the Panama Canal several times, Suez Canal, and past the Rock of Gibraltar, just to name a few.

“Life after the Navy has also been a blessing. I am the President of 3C Industrial which I started in 2012 out of Corpus Christi, TX. It is my goal to be a better leader, father, and husband every day. I am very grateful for everything I have and everything I have been able to accomplish over the last 18 years. I am very proud to be able to have the camaraderie that is gained while serving in the military, extend to my life and business at 3C. We have built a solid group that works hard every day to uphold the standards and work ethic expected of a Veteran Owned Company.” – Doug Francis

If any Veterans are looking for an opportunity to grow and hone their skills, join the air compressor experts at 3C!

Why Compressors Need Preventative Maintenance

3C Preventive maintenance blog

Air compressors are the backbone of the industrial world. They help make facilities all across the globe run smoothly and efficiently. However, air compressors are machines, and we must treat them that way. Instead of waiting around for a problem to arise, we must stay on top of our equipment. We call this preventative maintenance and at 3C, we’re big on this.

Why is Preventative Maintenance Important?

Time, efficiency, and reliability are all critical elements for any business. Preventative maintenance helps ensure that your compressor continues to hold those functions, decreasing the risk of any elements shutting down the entire production process. We can compare this to a car. We take our cars for regular, routine maintenance to keep our vehicles in tip-top shape and so they don’t crap out on us in the middle of the road. The same goes with your air compressor! The more you put into investing in preventative maintenance, the less likely it is to die on you unexpectedly.

Benefits of Preventative Maintenance

  • Cut Those High Bills: Oil leaks, old oil, or blocked filters can all make your compressor perform horribly and cut your production rate. The result of this? High energy bills from your compressor trying its best to keep up with your production line. Lower production from your compressor’s low performance. And if your compressor system hits the hay, you’ll spend more time and money for emergency repairs or purchasing a whole new compressor.
  • Avoid Safety Issues: It’s important to realize that your compressor can cause an unsafe workplace. A poorly serviced compressor may be generating excessive heat and noise, both not safe for a normal work environment. There may also be unseen issues that can lead to fire hazards and electrical shorts. The last thing you want is for your compressor system to lead to an injured employee.
  • Extend Life Expectancy: Air compressors are a big investment, so you don’t want it to die earlier than it needs to. Preventive maintenance helps you achieve a long and smooth life for your compressor system. 

Schedule Regular Maintenance Today

A regularly scheduled maintenance check is a must! It’ll help with energy bills, safety hazards and extend your equipment’s life expectancy. At 3C, our PM Coordinators keep track of all your equipment’s maintenance needs, so you never have to worry about it. Let us help with your  preventative maintenance today!