Compressed Air Filters - Pneumatech

SLF SERIES Silicone Free Filters

These filters are manufactured in an environment that is managed to ensure a 100% silicone free production. We test all filters for performance, promising you the utmost compatibility for your next paint project.


Built with a stainless steel filter, we help ensure ultimate strength, high filter efficiency, and low-pressure drop. The SLF offers major particulate capacity, prolonging the life of this filter. We guarantee you proper sealing & a tested/qualified product that meets ISO standards.

Standard Features:

  • Guaranteed silicone-free
  • Plasma-cleaned 0-rings, diaphragms & gaskets
  • Metallic cylinders, housing components and fasteners washed at 80°C / 176°F 
  • Certificates delivered with SLF filters 
  • Maximum contaminant removal
  • Removal of dry and wet dust, particulates, oil aerosol and water droplets
  • High-efficiency glass fiber and fleece media
  • Significant energy savings & limited system operating costs
  • Optimal design and filter media allow for low pressure drops
  • High reliability
  • High-performance stainless steel cores, double 0-rings, epoxy sealed caps and anti-corrosive coated filter housing