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Compressed Air Filters - Pneumatech

PMR Series Mist Eliminators

The most common use for the PMR is as a pre-filter to a dryer to catch lubricant and condensation in your air compressor.


The PMR Series has the lowest operating cost of any technology, improves service life by 20-30 times in comparison to other conventional filters and other mist eliminators. The payback of investment into the PMR Series is typically one year.

Standard Features:

  • Vessel Design – optimally sized vessel needed to capture condensate effectively with filter located below outlet to protect from any carryover and large clearance for proper bed velocity
  • Fiber Bed – homogeneous-sized fibers, hand packed to a specific density
  • Removes 100% of all aerosol mist particles 1 micron & larger & Removes 99.5% of all aerosol sub-micron mist particles.
  • No need to replace elements within 10 years – LOW MAINTENANCE!
  • Low pressure differential over element life, equals a lifetime of energy savings.
  • Consistent and reliable performance
  • Extends the life of desiccant dryer bed, if installed upstream, thereby reducing maintenance cost.
  • Low operating and energy cost, with payback often within one year.
  • The best protection available from air/oil separator collapse or condensate trap failure.
  • Rating – PMR mist eliminator is rated for use in a wet air stream, so will withstand liquid slugging and catastrophic failure of a compressor separator element.