Compressed Air Filters - Pneumatech

PF Series - Flanged Air Filters

Designed for high pressure and high flow compressed air applications.


The innovative technology behind our PF Series include internal design that keeps the pressure drop low, a coating that ensures a housing lifetime of 20 years minimum, an electronic water drain, & a rotating system for the cover to assist in the replacement of filters. We offer this series in a variety of cartridges so you can find the best solution to fit your specific need.

Standard Features:

  • ASME coded and stamped vessel
  • Carbon steel housing
  • Primer with enamel finish coat
  • Psid indicator mounted
  • Enhanced high-performance stainless steel filter cores ensure ultimate strength and low risk of implosion
  • New, enhanced media ensure high filter efficiency, low pressure drop and guaranteed lifetime performance
  • Dust filter – with a large particulate capacity which prolongs filter lifetime
  • Filter elements have been designed to guarantee proper sealing
  • Ease of use with push-on element
  • Optimal internal design ensures high performance while keeping the pressure drop of the filter low
  • Special coating ensures a housing lifetime of at least 20 years
  • High performance electronic water drain available
  • Special rotating system for the bottom cover facilitates replace of filter cartridges
  • Filter grades available: Coalescing (G Series – 1 micron, C Series – 0.01 micron), Particulate (S Series – 1 micron, D Series – 0.01 micron), Adsorber, & V Series