Condensate Management - Pneumatech


An excellent condensate cleaning solution for systems of up to 60 cfm and minimizes oil concentrations to below 15 ppm.


THe CP ECOBOX cleans and removes 15 ppm with its new advanced filter. Designed to offer an affordable solution for piston and small screw compressor installations of up to 60 cfm (30 l/s). Eco Friendly, fully recyclable, quick and easy installation, and offers financial savings with the avoidance of costly external source treatment.

Standard Features:

  • Environmentally friendly – All materials are 100% recyclable
  • Economic – avoiding collection and treatment by a costly external company
  • Compact footprint – compact and lightweight design, optimized for small compressor installations
  • Excellent performance – thanks to the use of advanced absorption media
  • Quick and easy installation and replacement – by means of a wall or plate mounting bracket
  • Clean water – After separation, water contains oil levels below 15 ppm*
  • Easy sampling kit available – option with easy sampling kit to verify outlet concentration on a regular base