Refrigerated Dryers - Pneumatech

AD Series Non-Cycling Dryers

Highly reliable & efficient, AD 10-3000 dryers protect compressed air systems by focusing on lowering presence of moisture on compressed air. 


The AD 125-600 range of dryers focus on avoiding compressed air losses through their maximum cooling efficiency system. With the ideal combination of rotary compressors & R410A refrigerants, not only will they make your business a lot more energy efficient, but it will also significantly reduce the ecological footprint you are producing. 

Standard Features: 

  • Stable performance & guaranteed dew point of 30C/370F
  • Ingeniously designed components to ensure maximum performance
  • Hot gas bypass valve to prevent freezing at lower loads
  • Zero-loss electronic drain to prevent loss of valuable compressed air
  • Brazed plate heat exchanger with integrated water separator & air-to- air heat exchange
  • R134a refrigerant gas: low global warming impact, zero ozone depletion
  • Digital display with real-time PDP monitoring
  • Easy plug-and-play installation