Refrigerated Dryers - Pneumatech

AC Series Cycling Dryers

Pneumatech’s AC range offers reliable refrigeration drying that results in energy saving features for your business. Get the best refrigeration technology at a low cost.


All of our dryers are supplied with our energy saving algorithm that results in easy, reliable ways to monitor temperature & generating the best results. Its most noticeable features include a zero-loss drain, easy installation & maintenance characteristics, superior connectivity that enables more control over dryer, as well as the inclusion of the purelogic controller. Additionally, when the dryers detect that less cooling is needed, its compressors reduce power consumption that results in up to 50% energy savings.

Standard Features: 

  • Pressure range: 60-203 psi
  • Technology: Refrigerant R410A
  • Usage: Continuous
  • Transportability: Forklift slots
  • Common applications: Textile, general industry, wood, pulp & paper, automotive
  • PurelogicTM with Saver Cycle Control
  • Integrated water separator
  • No loss of expensive compressed air during drain discharge
  • Steady cooling in a wide range of ambient temperatures
  • Energy savings even at full load
  • No-loss electronic level drain, with manual back-up drain
  • Hot gas bypass valve (prevents freezing at lower loads)
  • Remote control possibilities
  • Individual fan cycling switches
  • Heavy duty fan motors with permanently lubricated ball bearings