FS CURTIS Rotary Screw Air Compressors

Our award winning rotary screw compressors are available from 5HP to 350HP with variable speed options as well as single stage and the most energy efficient two-stage technologies. At peak performance, our rotary screw compressors operate at 100% duty cycle.

Nx Series


Small in size, big on power. The Nx 4-37kW is commendable for it’s smooth & quiet execution. This model is extremely dependable for a variety of jobs, stretching from auto body shops to manufacturing.

Nx Series

Featuring the intuitive iCommand-Touch, these models allow you to be in complete control of the compressed air system, with ease. The Nx Series Compressors are designed to require minimal maintenance, making them some of the most dependable, as well as, efficient products on the market.

NxHE Series
2 Stage 90-260kW

The NxHe Series pairs patented two-stage airend technology, with superb durability. Uniquely crafted to be the most energy-efficient air compressor on the market, meanwhile providing you with the luxury of the lowest life-cycle costs possible.

RS Series
15-300 HP

This series of heavy duty air compressors are built to outlast & out-perform all air compressors when tested in even the most rigorous environments. 

Eco-Scroll Series


FS-Curtis ECO Scroll oil-free air compressors are ISO 8573.1, Class 0 certified compressors which are energy efficient, easy to operate and maintain, quiet and compact.