Rotary Screw Air Compressors - Champion

LV/LVR-Series 1-11kW 2-15HP

This Series offers ultimate reliability & flexibility with its fixed rotary vane compressor line design. This series is also recognized globally for its extreme efficiency, marking the smallest footprint in the industry. We recommend this model for automobile, car body shops, wood working, & packaging, amongst others.


The LV/LVR Series fixed speed rotary vane compressor line is known for its exclusive reliability & flexibility. Ranging from 2-15 HP, they are petite, yet simple, & robust. This model requires little maintenance & is low-noise. Other characteristics include less than 3ppm in oil carryover, being 100% in duty cycle, as well as offering an HOA switch & hour meter. 

Standard Features:

  • Direct Drive
  • 2-15hp
  • Available as Airend Only, Compressor/Motor, Tank Mounted Simplex/Duplex, or hypac total system (compressor+Tank+dryer)
  • Less than 3 ppm Oil Carryover
  • Continuous Run or Start/Stop
  • 100% Duty Cycle
  • HOA switch &  hour meter
  • Slow Speed: 1760 rpm (60 Hz) 
  • TEFC Motor