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Rotary Screw Air Compressors - Champion

LRS-Series 7-29kW 10-40HP

The Champion LRS Series provides you with significant energy efficiency when used appropriately, as well as, a seamlessly consistent stream of air pressure.


The Champion LRS Series compressors are known for their high efficiency & variable speed. These characteristics enable them to properly handle variations in air demand. Additionally, the LRS series results in great energy savings, easily up to 25%. 

Standard Features: 

  • Range goes from 7-29 kW. 
  • L23RS-L29RS (22-29 kW) are direct drive units
  • L07RS-L22RS (7-22kW)  are belt driven units.
  • Quiet enclosures. 
  • Include robust inverter drives.
  • Feature pilot controllers.
  • 3600 TEFC motors.