As Seasons Change, Ensure Your Industrial Air Compressor Runs Its Best!

A man in an orange safety vest is inspecting an industrial air compressor.

Industrial air compressors are crucial for modern manufacturing, and regular maintenance is vital to keep them running optimally. FS Curtis air compressors are some of the most reliable compressors on the market, but they require regular maintenance to ensure their longevity and performance. 3C Industrial inspects and services your air compressor to ensure optimal performance and […]

How Your Texas Industrial Air Compressor Encourages Energy Efficiency

texas industrial air compressor maintenance

Making sure your equipment is sustainable is a key component in making sure your business runs smoothly – including your Texas industrial air compressor. In Texas, there’s a lot of responsibility to keep our air as clean as possible for almost 30 million residents. Industrial air compressors are sustainable equipment pieces that can keep your […]

Show Your Industrial Air Compressor Some Love This Season 

Industrial Air Compressor in warehouse

As we approach the month of Valentine’s Day, don’t forget to spread the love to your industrial air compressor as well as your family and friends. Just like you and I – your industrial air compressor needs constant TLC to run smoothly in order to be the most effective. While it can be easy to […]

Give The Gift Of FS Curtis Products This Year!

FS Curtis Products

Get the gift of fresh, powerful, and efficient air this holiday season with FS Curtis products! As a leading provider of quality industrial compressed air solutions, 3C Industrial is proud to offer FS Curtis Products, as well as be an Authorized Platinum FS-Curtis Distributor in Texas. These products are high-quality, world-class industrial equipment that can […]

Caring for an Industrial Air Compressor in the New Year

Industrial Air Compressor Upkeep

A New Year calls for resolutions and for an industrial air compressor that means proper care, preventative maintenance, and repair. Having an efficient and reliable source of compressed air is essential to many businesses operating with modern machinery. Taking Care of an Industrial Air Compressor 3C Industrial has your industrial air compressor covered to meet […]

Air Compressor Experts Separate Myths & Facts

Industrial Air Compressor Experts

As your air compressor experts, 3C Industrial is committed to educating our clients about common misconceptions. How can you tell what is fact versus myth when it comes to air compressors?

Economic Advantages of the Industrial Air Compressor

Interested in learning about industrial air compressor sustainability? Sustainability is a hot topic of conversation lately. In fact, the Compressed Air & Gas Institute notes three of the top benefits for compressed air: energy, environment, and cost. When most people think of industrial air compressors, sustainability is not what first comes to mind. However the […]

How To Best Care for an Industrial Air Compressor This Summer

  It may be a scorcher out there, but do not let your industrial air compressor unit suffer because of it this summer.    Step 1: Choose The Right Industrial Air Compressor Choose the right air compressor and solidify your needs before selecting a unit: technology, size, ect. We suggest custom fabrication because curating your […]