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Air Net Aluminum Piping

The Hands-On Piping System

With a 10-year guarantee & the modern ability to easily install without heavy tools or extra manpower, the Air Net Aluminum Piping System gives no reason to not keep your employees safe from roaming dust & pollutants.


With optimized production, and maximized energy efficiency, AIRnet’s aluminum piping minimizes your total costs. Prevent air leaks & ensure a continuous, high-pressure connection that provides the quality airflow you need. With its dynamic design, the system can be modified easily to accomodate any changes on the industrial floor. Contact us today for more information.


  • AIRnet consists of aluminum and polymers, highly durable materials suitable for compressed air as well as for vacuum and nitrogen gas.
  • AIRnet is resistant to corrosion, mechanical shocks, thermal variations and outdoor weather conditions.
  • AIRnet offers consistently clean quality air, protecting the downstream manufacturing process and contributing to equipment longevity.
  • The AIRnet leak-resistant connections offer superior sealing.
  • The low friction factor of aluminum and the seamless connections minimize pressure drop.
  • Low pressure drop and a bigger inner diameter result in high efficiency.