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Give The Gift Of FS Curtis Products This Year!

Get the gift of fresh, powerful, and efficient air this holiday season with FS Curtis products! 

As a leading provider of quality industrial compressed air solutions, 3C Industrial is proud to offer FS Curtis Products, as well as be an Authorized Platinum FS-Curtis Distributor in Texas. These products are high-quality, world-class industrial equipment that can easily be ordered online from our site for products 50HP and below. We currently have 100HP and below Rotary Screw Air Compressors in stock and ready for install!

Our Featured FS Curtis Products:

Eco-Series Scroll Air Compressors 

Four different models of this product are available to order. These are high-quality oil free air compressors with low noise levels and ultra low vibration. All units are start/stop controlled and offer a smart user-friendly controller with an easy-to-read display. Unlike ES08, ES11 and ES15, the ES04 can be ordered tank mounted rather than base mounted. 

Rotary Screw Air Compressors

32 different models of this product are available with 28 of those available for online orders. There is a mix of fixed speed and variable speed units available. The Nx Series is excellent for large industrial manufacturing & power generation equipment, coming with the standard iCommand-Touch controller to track temperature, pressure and historical data up to 350HP. The RS Series is a heavy-duty air compressor designed to outperform others with its carefully-selected components.

Reciprocating Air Compressors 

A variety of different models of this product are available with horsepower ranging from 5HP to 60HP with three different types available : oil free, pressure-lubricated and splash-lubricated. The FS-Curtis series offers a 100% dry crankcase that is environmentally friendly and money saving for maintenance.

Air Dryers

Our air dryers group together all of the air compressor units – separating them into desiccant dryers and refrigerated dryers with flow of 35CFM and up.. 

For more information on units over 50HP or any questions about purchasing an FS Curtis product, contact us today!

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