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State of the Industry: Air Compressors 2021

3C Industrial is in the business of air compressors. Anything and everything you need to know about air compressors, we have an answer. We want to take a quick look at the state of the industry for air compressors. We’re looking at what the market is doing now, where it’s going and how 3C fits into it all. 

Market Overview

The global air compressor market is expected to keep growing its compound annual growth rate to more than 3% by 2025. Some factors to this include the growing market of oil and gas production, especially in countries such as the United States, China, and India. Additionally, the food and beverage industry is gaining an increasing demand for compressors for processing, packaging, shipping, and other areas of business. Air compressors are used in many industries and areas, but the time it’s taking to get to the end-user is proving to be a challenge. 

Wait Times are on the Rise

Wait times have been on the rise since the beginning of Q1 2020. The reason for this is extended production times. Parts and supplies are taking longer to fulfill as facilities are trying to fill backorders from production shutdowns due to Covid. Shipping times have also increased as the global supply chain, which allows businesses to transport products across the world, cannot keep up with current demands. They too are trying to recover from the crazy year of 2020, but have not been able to catch up themselves. Thus, the industrial world as a whole is patiently waiting for goods, and in our case, compressors for up to 15 weeks.

What 3C is doing

3C has felt the weight of wait times increase, however, we have adapted. We have pre-ordered a variety of top-of-the-line air compressors to have in-house for any new or current customers. We believe in staying ahead of the game, so we purchased ahead so your wait time is minimal.

If you want to find out what we have on hand, just give us a call at 512-244-9074. You can also fill out our online form here. We’ll ship to anywhere in the Texas region! 

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