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Industry Spotlight: Is Clean And Consistent Compressed Air Exclusive To The Healthcare Industry? What It Means To Be A High-Quality Machine.

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Oil-less Air Compressors 

Medical air is used in basically every department in a hospital. Patients who need anesthesia, require a ventilator, and inhaled medications are amongst the most critical uses for compressed air in the hospital. Because we are often providing help and air to sick patients, it is very important that the air being used is completely particle-free. The most basic requirement for an air compressor in the medical industry is it must not use any oil. This requirement is the baseline for this piece of machinery to be considered for use in a hospital because it eliminates any chances of cross-contamination with oil. 

Purified Air

The NFPA 99 is a book that outlines the restrictions and standards that must be met in order for any piece of equipment to be deemed “medical grade”. Medical air compressors must comply with Table 1 of the NFPA 99 book. Table 1 identifies the concentration of purity required for medical gases. All odor, water, carbon monoxide, and gas must be monitored and non-transmittable to ill patients when using the equipment. In order to protect patients from gases and other outside contaminants, medical air compressors must use a medical-grade air filter that should be routinely changed. If optimal clean air is a priority to you when purchasing a medical air compressor, it is important that you test and maintain your compressors based on the equipment manufacturer’s recommendations. 


Air Pressure

According to NFPA 99 regulations, medical air produced by air compressors should have the ability to provide air pressure at 100 PSIG and should be able to lower down to 55 PSIG. This great range of pressure allow for applications ranging from minimal health risk applications to high health risk applications. If you want to prevent high air pressure in your medical air compressors you may and we recommend setting alarms to trigger when the following events occur: 

  • System pressure exceeds 39 degrees Fahrenheit 
  • Carbon monoxide level exceeds 10 PPM
  • Activation of a reserve pump
  • Motor overload 
  • Activation of a reserve transformer


Although purchasing high-quality air compressors may be expensive, it will be a great investment in the long run. As mentioned above, medical air compressors are not restricted to only healthcare use. They may also be used for applications such as car painting, food packaging, and much more. Medical air compressors are the most reliable source of clean and consistent compressed air. 3C recommends considering these high-quality machines if you are a user that is looking for immaculate reliability and precision.

At 3C Industrial, we value putting the needs of our customers before anything else. If you’re ready to purchase an air compressor or have any questions, please feel free to contact us today! 361-452-2749

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