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A Letter From 3C’s CEO

Air Compressor CEO

A Letter From 3C’s CEO

Hello! My name is Doug Francis. I have been the President of 3C Industrial for nearly 8 years. I have dedicated my entire career to servicing others. My journey to serve others began in 2002 when I joined the United States Navy. While there, I took orders to serve onboard the HSV-2 Swift in Ingleside, TX and immediately fell in love with all Texas stands for. Upon completing my duty and serving in Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom, I decided to make Texas my home. I was hooked, from the economy to the people, to everyday life. I love Texas.  

With the mechanical and electrical training from the Navy, I was able to easily apply my knowledge to compressed air. I began 3C Industrial out of my garage in September of 2012.  For the 1 year, I committed to the wrench turning, bookkeeping, and sales for the company. I wore every hat in the business, but as I brought on more customers, I began building the 3C Team. A team that I was determined would exemplify some of my own personal principles of integrity, grit, compassion, and service to others.

My Business Model Has Always Been Very Simple.

We stick to a strict timeline of events in order to provide solutions for our customers. Meaning, from the time you call, my team has a deadline they need to achieve. Through every phase of your new purchase, preventive, or corrective maintenance, we keep to a strict guideline to ensure the job is completed quickly and correctly.  This model has allowed me to grow to 3 locations including Corpus Christi, San Antonio, and Austin within my first 10 years of serving the great State of Texas. It is my purest ambition to be the most trusted name in the Texas Air Compressor Industry.

3C’s Inspiration

My inspiration comes from the belief that independent business can outperform large corporations.  Anyone with the right motivation and work ethic can make a dent in the industry of their choosing. Doing business with local businesses and building trusting relationships with partners has been the highlight of my career. I can’t wait to see what the coming years have to bring. I look forward to continuing growth into new locations and building many new everlasting friendships with the amazing people of Texas. Thank you for trusting in me and my 3C team. We are honored to serve your community.



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